About The Artist

Dawne's interest in crafts and artistic design began in high school, when she embellished a favorite jean jacket with rhinestones and then fancifully embroidered a jean skirt that she treasured. While sitting in a local restaurant modeling her endeavor, an eager patron offered her $100 for her jacket, leaving a very favorable impression in regards to her talents. Alas, she returned home "jacket-less", but with a smile on her face.

Following sewing, needle-point, and several macrame necklaces, she dabbled in both hand-tooled leather book cover jackets and writing journals.

In college, Dawne took classes in metal smithing, her only formal training. All other artistic ventures have been self-taught. She maintains an interest in stained glass and dichroic glass making but is currently more inclined to pursue designing jewelry with high quality beads, crystals, and several types of pearls. Her ability to create artistically pleasing pieces with color and style is evident in the many offerings available to peruse on her website.

One of Dawne's necklaces and exquisite crystal chandeliers has recently been selected and awarded a place in "Fire Mountain Gems and Beads" catalogue. All work on this website can be ordered and personalized by Dawne. Just fill out a request.

After receiving many positive acclaims and praise from the numerous gifts she bestowed on her family and friends, she was encouraged to allow others to obtain her jewelry and unique designs.. Using high quality materials along with reasonable prices offers an additional incentive for those who desire customized pieces.

Lovingly submitted by Dawne's mom, Julie; her biggest fan and cheerleader! Julie and Dawne